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Mission Partnerships

Baptist Fellowship Center is located in the west end of Louisville.  They provide a variety of services to families in their community.  SMBC partners with BFC in the annual Christmas Connection events.  (See below)

God’s Designs is a ministry which collects and distributes household furnishings to referred families.  Several SMBC members participate in this ministry.  For more information, contact Gerry Harrah.

St. Matthews Elementary School The mission of this partnership is to take an active and Christ-like role in the St. Matthews area community, to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to he students, parents and staff of SME, and to love and lead people associated with SME and the St. Matthews area community to a growing relationship with Jesus.

Other partnerships include Sunrise Childrens Homes and St. Matthews Street Festival.

Mission Projects

Habitat for Humanity welcomes volunteers to join in on a local build once or on a more regular basis.  Contact Steve Holm for more information.

LOVE 40207 are days when we, as a church, reach into our surrounding community with the love of Christ.  July 15, 2018, was our inaugural day and other are planned in the future.  Our goal on these days is to activate the entire church so that, together, we might make a difference.

Christmas Connection is an annual Christmas donation ministry which provides needy children and their families with Bibles, clothes, toys and blankets.  Historically this has been the first Saturday in December.  A fund-raising event is held in the fall each year.  If interested in shopping, wrapping, transporting or distributing gifts, contact the church office.

International Student Ministry at the University of Louisville is a weekly Bible Study and lunch provided on campus at U of L by SMBC for International Students during the school year.  During late May and early June, weekly golf lessons are offered at Seneca Park.  A retreat is held annually.  For more information, contact Seyoung Kang.

International Welcome Ministry, known as English Conversation Corner, is a weekly time to practice English Conversation.  It is provided during the school year to our international friends.  Members of SMBC volunteer to converse at 6:30 pm on Wednesday evenings in the Fellowship Hall.  International Day is celebrated each fall with a potluck lunch.  Call the church office if interested.

Women’s Missionary Union

Missions Education – WMU provides missions education for both children and adults.  Children’s groups are Girls in Action and Royal Ambassadors.  Adults are invited to Women on Mission groups and Adults on Mission groups (for both men and women).  

Missions Support –  WMU maintains a Data Base to keep members current with missionaries who have close ties to our church.  WMU also helps to build relationships with missionaries by featuring them in small groups and multigenerational church wide events such as the annual Women’s Mission Banquet.  Special missions offerings are promoted throughout the church.

Missions Projects and Activities – WMU sponsors church wide mission projects for all generations.  They help sponsor the International Day lunch in the Fall and the Missionary Residence.  Current events and activities are displayed at the WMU kiosk in the Atrium.