Welcome to the web presence of St. Matthews Baptist Church. I’m so glad you have taken the time to “stop by” and take a look. I don’t know that any church or group could capture all they are in a website, but hopefully as you make your way through these pages, you’ll get a picture of who we are and what we value. I hope you’ll also figure out there’s a place for you here.

St. Matthews Baptist Church has been serving this community for more than 80 years. In the beginning, we were a neighborhood church. Most of the people in the church lived in our neighborhood. As Louisville has grown and expanded, so have we. We now have members coming from every part of the metro area. Some of them live near you.

We don’t try to put on airs here. Like you, we’re ordinary people who are seeking to make the most of our lives. We simply believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ makes life better. It helps us move beyond the mistakes of our past, and helps prepare us for the challenges we all face in life. We also believe being part of a church family makes life better. We have other people to share the joys and challenges of life with when we are part of a community of faith.

So, take a look around our website and let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at St. Matthews soon.