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About Our Church

Few Baptist churches begin their name with Saint.  Why ours? Initially because we started in a new town, now a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky, called St. Matthews.  So we took on the name of our home location.  On the surface that seems to answer the question.  But as a church, we knew in our beginnings and know now that there is more to this name.  There is a God-given origin to our name that many in our community have forgotten. Our very name bears witness to God’s hope of salvation offered through Jesus Christ.

The founders of our church knew that:

Saint in the Bible indicates a person who has willingly “set apart” his or her life to live in a holy relationship with God and then to serve Him in the world.

Matthew was a writer of the New Testament’s first book who was transformed by Christ and whose courage inspires us today.

Baptist is a name given to people who give witness to their faith in Christ by public immersion which signifies their new life in Christ, and that group of believers called Baptist organize themselves into a community around their faith in Christ.

Church is the New Testament word, ecclesia, for “gathered ones;” a gathering of people to live a common life of servanthood, worship, ministry, and missions.

Our name reminds us who we are and identifies us to others…We are St. Matthews Baptist Church.