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Connecting in life with other individuals who care about you creates healthy opportunities for sharing ministry, relationships and spiritual growth. Small groups meet at various times in homes and at the church to nurture one another in their faith experiences and friendships. Topic of study and interests, i.e. discipleship, ministry, missions and wholesome fellowship will differ in each group. Contact the Church Office at 896-8882 to learn more about joining or leading a small group.

Mission Point

This is a spiritual development group with a missions heart meets one Monday each month at 7:00 pm. Watch the Dove for details. Linda Hoffman 425-9325.

International Welcome Ministry

Individuals participate in learning the English language in a group experience on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. Contact the church office at 896-8882.

God’s Design

House wares and furnishings are collected and refurbished to help provide a sense of “home” for newly arriving refugee families and struggling families. Gerry Harrah 458-5163.

Beth Perkins Group

This group meets one Tuesday of every month in homes at 7:00 pm, featuring varying topics and regular ministry projects. Alice Seymour 254-1704 and Ella Mae Young 425-8146.


Retired women, who have experienced the loss of a marriage partner, share a common group experience of friendships, encouragement and social activities.  Contact Anita Downs at 425-2419.

Renovare (From the Latin meaning “to renew”)

Such group experiences provide participants a balanced, practical and effective strategy for spiritual growth. Contact the church office to participate 896-8882.

Stones and Mortar

Join a group that shares a passion for ministry of the Missionary House. Receive email updates (or printed) and prayer requests from former and future residents of our home at 3700 Nanz Ave. Mary Ann Wise 893-7153.


Focusing on family missions, this group uses on-line Bible Studies and prayer involving both parents and children.  Central is teaching children about missions and leading them to have a heart for missions.  Contact Kelli Payne at 265-0864.

International Campus Ministry

Together, a ministry of Bible study and friendship offers an opportunity to bring food to supplement a meal each Friday at the U of L Speed Campus.  International students appreciate the welcoming warmth of the volunteers.  This ministry is a group experience led by Seyoung and Euisoon Kang.

Wakefield Women on Mission

Mission programs and action projects are the focus of these women who meet the first Thursday of every month at 10:00 am in the Parlor. Sue Clemens 897-6808

Weed Patch

This group with a gardening theme meets at various times, often in different gardens. It encourages unchurched neighbors to join in the “garden talk.” Bonnie and Richard Fellows 245-1605.

Habitat for Humanity

Each week, volunteers share all levels of skills to assist a deserving family in building a house. For more information, call the church office at 502-896-8882 or contact Steve Holm.

Faith Partners in Health Ministry

This group develops and implements opportunities to engage in health ministry (physical, emotional and spiritual.)  They facilitate ministry to the community of SMBC, to Kentucky and, through international mission trips around the world.