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Brent WalkerBrent Walker is coming to St. Matthews on Sunday, July 12. He will speak during the Bible Study hour at 9:15 am as well as bring our morning message at 10:30 am.

As Executive Director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, Brent is both a member of the Supreme Court Bar and an ordained minister. He leads the organization as it upholds the historic Baptist principle of religious liberty, defending the free exercise of religion and protecting against its establishment by government. Published widely,Walker routinely speaks in churches, educational institutions and denominational gatherings and provides commentary on church-state issues in the national media.

Brent has spoken at St. Matthews before and was a member here during his seminary days. He is good friends with our own David Garrard.

Brent will talk about Religious Liberty and our Baptist Heritage during the SS hour. His visit seems timely given the recent Supreme Court decision regarding marriage as well as the religious rhetoric that has begun ramping up as part of the election cycle.

Please plan to be here and please let others know about Brent’s visit. We are honored to have him!

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