(502) 896-8882

Our church campus and office will be closed on Friday, December 23, Saturday, December 24 (except for the 5 pm Christmas Eve Service), Sunday, December 25 (except for the 10:45 am Worship Service), Monday, December 26, Tuesday, December 27, Wednesday, December 28, Sunday, January 1 (except for 9:15 am Bible Study and 10:30 pm Worship Service), and Monday, January 2.

The following ministers will be on-call during the Christmas Holidays:

12/23…Tim Galyon (502-235-6117)
12/24…Brian Johnson ((865-776-6396)
12/25…Greg Barr (803-381-3300)
12/26…Joyce Oliver (502-608-8047)
12/27…Greg Barr
12/28…Greg Barr
12/29…David Garrard (502-9052512)
12/30…David Garrard
12/31…Joyce Oliver
1/1…Brian Johson
1/2…Tim Galyon

For all matters related to the church campus or the church calendar, please contact John Shapanus (502-550-5812).

The church campus and office will be open on Thursday, December 29, and Friday, December 30. The church campus will also be open on Saturday, December 31.