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On Easter Monday, April 10, 2023, a shooter opened fire on a bank branch in downtown Louisville.  Within moments, he had injured more than a dozen people, several of them fatally.  This page represents the initial efforts of SMBC leadership to respond to this disgusting and brutal assault.  Each of the videos below represents the perspective of a minister from SMBC or a counselor from St Matthews Counseling Center.

It is our sincere hope that the reflections and suggestions in these videos help our community – and the broader society that now deals with mass shooting events on an almost daily basis – take a significant step beyond the all-too-familiar limits of the conversation thus far.  In other words, we are attempting to offer multiple sets of resources, including both spiritual disciplines and active, practical steps that viewers can take toward individual and community healing.  Thank you for your interest.  We hope you will join us in prayerful and tangible support of survivors, families who have lost loved ones, and thousands of concerned Believers and neighbors in the greater metro area.

Pastor Alan Redditt

John Lepper, Director, St. Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center

Joyce Oliver, Minister to Adults

Missey McMillan, Minister to Preschoolers

Tim Galyon, Minister of Music 

Dr. Wade Rowatt, Director of CPE and Counselor with St. Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center

Gretchen Watson, Counselor, St. Matthews Pastoral Counseling Center

Brian Johnson, Minister to Children & Youth

Pastor Alan Redditt