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From Pastor Greg Barr:

On Wednesday evening, May 13, our church family will meet in a special called business meeting to hear a report from Building and Grounds Committee and to act on a request from Finance Committee.

We face several challenges in regard to our facility, mostly in the area of deferred maintenance.  Last year we were able to replace a failing lighting system in our sanctuary.  We have also, in the last few years, upgraded a few bathrooms and replaced several  heating and cooling systems.

As part of the Master Plan Committee’s work, we engaged the services of an engineering firm who provided us an overview of the condition of our facilities.  we have a better idea now of what projects need to take place in the next five years or so.  we also hired a roofing consultant who examined the roofs (and the leak issues we have around the building) and offered us his best insights.

At our May 13 business meeting, the Building and Grounds Committee will share with us what they have learned from these reports, and suggest how e might proceed in addressing these challenges.

Our Finance Committee will ask the church to approve a line of credit to enable us to work through some of these projects in a responsible fashion, doing as much as we can with our reserve funds, while still providing us the ability to address unexpected issues that may arise.

The great news is that all of our facility challenges are fixable.  The time to begin addressing them is now.  I want to encourage you to attend this important special called business meeting at 7:30 pm, May 13.  We want you to have as much information as possible so that, together, we can make wise choices.