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Welcome to our website! I hope you will bookmark this page and refer to it often for the latest news and information about our ministry to children and preteens. Watch this space for words of inspiration, encouragement and challenge, including the Family Forum columns I write for the Western Recorder (new every Monday). Ministry to children at St. Matthews Baptist Church centers around helping children choose to follow Jesus in ways that will make a difference in who they are and in how they live. We cannot decide for our children but we can walk alongside them, offering affirmation and information, all the time praying that when the time is right, God will draw them to Himself in a way that will make a difference forever. We consider it a privilege to partner with parents in helping make this happen!



Dad Daughter Banquet is January 26!

The 2018 Dad Daughter Banquet will be held Friday evening, January 26 in the Grandview Room of our church.  Dean Kotheimer and his three daughters, Alicia, Elise and Brittany will be our special guests!  Dads and daughters of all ages are invited!  Tickets are $12 for age 11 and up, $8 for ages 6-10 and available in our church office or on Sunday or Wednesday.



  • January 26, Dad Daughter Banquet!
  • February 25, Upward Awards Night!


2018 dates are July 23-26.  Registration deadline is February 15.  Don’t be left out!  Mark your calendars and watch for more info.

In the Spotlight!

Seungwon and Chunhwa Lim, known to us as Joseph and Mary Oh, first met on the small island of Jangbong-do in the Incheon province of South Korea where they were born and raised. Joseph was working as a nurse at a special school for the mentally retarded and a health care center for the handicapped. Mary was working as a special education teacher in the school. They dated for one year and were married on May 1, 1999. Joseph’s mother lives with his older sister back in South Korea. Mary’s parents farm. All are genuine Christ-followers who, in Joseph’s words, “Exercise their faith and love, and have their important roles to fulfill the mission of God’s kingdom in their local church.”

After graduating from Hyung-Hee University with a major in nursing in 2010, Joseph brought his family to the United States so he could begin studying theology. He is currently working on a PhD in Missiology at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Oh’s joined St. Matthews in 2012 and one year later began teaching first grade Sunday School. Joseph was serving as a greeter when David Garrard noticed the couple’s faithfulness and friendliness and asked if they would be willing to join the children’s teaching team. The answer was, “Yes!” and they have been working alongside Frances Bell, Glen Torstrick and Dianne Nettles ever since!

Joseph says, “I like to see the children grow and get closer to Jesus as they learn more in Sunday School. I’m really pleased to see many children making decisions to follow Jesus. I also like learning from the teachers I work with as I watch them faithfully serve.”

Joseph’s favorite Bible verses are Deuteronomy 30:15-20 and his favorite Bible story can be found in Exodus 32.

Mary and Joseph have four beautiful daughters: Harin (17), Hayoung (15), Hawon (11) and Hayul (8). Harin and Hayoung play in our church orchestra! Joseph’s favorite movie is Life is Beautiful. One thing about Joseph that most folks do no not know . . . he can’t cook! “Fortunately, God gave me the greatest gift, my wife who is the best cook!”

Joseph asks that we pray for his family. In two more years, Joseph will finish his research program. They are excited to see where God is going to lead them! In the meantime, we are glad God has led them here!