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Sunday Morning

Prior to organized activities, students gather in the Youth Center to play pool, catch up after a week at school, or maybe grab a quick bite of breakfast on the first Sunday of every month.

9:15 – Community Time (in the Youth Center)

The whole group comes together in the Youth Community Room to begin our morning with a time of announcements and prayer before heading off to their Bible Study classes.

9:25 – Age-graded Bible Study

Small groups gather with other students their age and with their teachers to dive deep into Scripture and to discuss ways that the stories from the Bible can be integrated into their daily lives.

7th and 8th Grade: Room 319
9th and 10th Grade: Room 317
11th and 12th Grade: Room 315

10:30 – Worship (in the Sanctuary)

The youth typically sit together in the front left section of the sanctuary as we join the congregation in lifting our praise to God and listening for God’s voice speaking to each one.

Wednesday Evening

Prior to organized activities, students gather in the Youth Center to play pool, do homework, or catch up after a week at school.

5:15 – Family Supper (in the Grandview Room)

While the serving line opens at 5:15, students and families come as they are able to have a meal together.  Reservations are required for the meal that is provided but everyone is also welcome to bring food from other places and join us around the table for discussion and catching up.

6:30 – Midweek Youth Gathering (in the Youth Community Room)

What happens in the Youth Center on Wednesday Nights is a mixture of a lot of energy, a bit of craziness, and a desire to learn to live a life for Christ. We play together, worship together, study Scripture together, and share life together. The result is that students come away impacted because of their encounter with Scripture and each other. 


In addition to the regular activities and the large events, we are always up to something.  Check out the Weekly Youth Update to see what is coming around the corner or call the office!


High School Retreat

The High School Retreat is an annual event that always falls over MLK weekend in January.  The 2019 retreat was amazing!  Here is the group picture from the retreat.  We would love for you to join us on the retreat next year (Jan. 17-20, 2020)!

Middle School Retreat

The Middle School Retreat was another great experience, this time for our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders!  Here is the group picture!  We look forward to the 2020 retreat February 7-9 at Cedar Ridge Camp!

Summer Mission Trip

Every summer we head on a mission trip somewhere in the world.  We have been to places such as Washington, D.C., Gary, West Virginia, New York City, St. Louis, Missouri, Brazil, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic.  In 2019, we had a great week in St. Louis, Missouri working with the International Fellowship Center.  In 2020, we will be going back to the Dominican Republic.  Our trip will be June 20-27, 2020.  The total cost per student is $1,500 before fundraisers.  Sign ups begin August 18.  There will be a second trip in the 2020 summer.  That one will be to Booneville, KY, and will only cost $125.  Join us for one or both!  Our fundraiser for these events is Great Bowls of Fire Chili Cookoff and will be on March 1!

DNOW Weekend

DNOW is a weekend retreat here at home.  Students stay in host homes divided by grade-level and gender.  Over the weekend we worship together, eat together, spend time in small groups Bible study, serve the community, play together, and anything else you can think of that students would do while spending the weekend together.  In 2019, the dates are November 8-10.  More information will be coming as we get closer to the event.

Summer Events

During the summer we stay busy.  Most Sunday nights we have SNACK events at homes of students, go to Holiday World, have cookouts and volleyball games, and find other ways and times to hang-out together.  The upcoming SNACK events are 7/28 (at the Monfalcones), 8/4 (at the Griebs), and 8/11 (at the Paynes).